The Brain and Gut Connection;

Vitality Starts in the Stomach

Savory Moment is built on a set of simple and exhaustively researched principles known to restore and maintain a healthy gut biome. Through our use of organic prebiotic and probiotic vegetables, responsibly sourced protein and healthy fats our goal is to use food as medicine. We prepare our meals in a way that adds layers of flavor complexity, while being respectful to the natural flavor and texture of the ingredients we use.  This way of eating is not so much a “diet” in the ever-trendy weight loss variety, we deliver food to avoid and counteract chronic inflammation: a root cause of many diseases such as heart disease, many cancers, Alzheimer’s disease and more.  We select and prepare foods based on science that can help people achieve and maintain optimum health over their lifetime.



We are extremely meticulous as to where we source our protein. It must meet a criteria that we feel is consistent with our beliefs otherwise we won’t use it. Sustainable, organic and happy ranchers are our only purveyors. Here we have Ora King Salmon, sourced from New Zealand, it is regarded as the best in the world – we really think so too.



A vital nutrient that we include in every meal. We utilize Grass Fed butters, avocado, coconut milks and an assortment of high quality, nutrient dense oils.



Critical to ensure healthy gut bacteria. For example, Raw Jerusalem Artichoke is one of the best prebiotic sources found and peaks in the colder months. During that season we are sure to utilize the incredible health benefits of this beauty.



Local, seasonal, organic – delicious!



We include natural probiotics like fermented vegetables as a way to continue to feed the good gut.


Flavor, Enjoyment, Color

We put a lot of thought into how your meals look and taste. We got your health covered, let’s enjoy it as well.

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Being good stewards of the land is not just a Philosophy

- it’s a way of life

At this time, we deliver in Socal only

We’re born and raised in Southern California and take great pride in our beautiful local cities, which is why we plan on keeping our business in SoCal. We are not flying your meals across the country, but deliver locally and personally to you to maintain freshness and quality.

In an effort to reduce waste, we reuse all of the insulated bags. and ice blankets used to pack your meals. If you are not home at the time of delivery, do not worry. Each bag is expertly packed and the meals are kept on ice until you arrive home to refrigerate them. We do ask that you leave the insulated bag from the previous week on your doorstep for exchange. Live in a gated community or want the food delivered to your office? No problem. We are happy to accommodate most delivery preferences and as such strive to have the same driver for each client. He/she will get to know your home and the best drop off spot.

Our Meal Containers – yes, they are special too!

Our meal containers are made of compostable, natural fibers from harvested wheat. These boxes are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and safe to use in microwaves and ovens.

Certified compostable by Biodegradable Products Institute