Frequently Asked Questions

So, what is Savory Moment?

So glad you asked! We’re a weekly subscription meal service that delivers, to your doorstep, fresh (never frozen) fully-cooked and prepared meals, developed by Chef Steven. All you need to do is heat them up and enjoy.

How Does Savory Moment work?

1. First, you pick your plan.

2. Choose from either 5 or 10 meals per week. You can add meals, smoothies, juices and snacks.

3. We will deliver your weekly meals to your door in an insulated bag. You don’t have to be home to receive your bag— your meals are expertly chilled and will stay cool until you get home. With that said, we do ask that you refrigerate the meal as soon as possible. We will delivery the food on ice and cold. It is your responsibility to refrigerate the food as soon as possible. Savory Moment is not liable for spoilage.

4. Just heat and eat. Many of your chef prepared meals can be heated in the microwave in less than 3 minutes. Each meal will have heating instructions.

5. Then repeat. Your order will automatically be repeated unless you change the order.

How do you come up with your recipes?

Chef Steven develops the menu. Our recipes are built on four parts – Protein, 2 Vegetables, a fat (always a high-quality source – coconut, avocado, grass-fed butter), Fermented Vegetable for digestion (your gut will be happy).

Are your ingredients local and/or organic?

We always buy organic and sustainable meat when available. We pride ourselves on our ingredient quality. It is the bases of a quality meal. We buy local and from quality vendors.

Can you accommodate food allergies?

If you have a life-threatening allergy, please refrain from ordering any Savory Moment meal programs.

Savory Moment accommodates the following allergies: shellfish, gluten, dairy, soy, tree nuts and peanuts.

Please let us know your allergies so we can be your partner in health.

How long will the food stay fresh?

Our meals are designed to be eaten within three or four days. Or course, some meals will last longer than others. We will separate any food items that stay fresh longer when stored in a separate container.

Where do you deliver?

San Diego, North San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles. We are based in San Diego.

What should I know before I order?

Our meals are chef-inspired. That means, you do not pick them. You trust us to prepare a delicious and nutritious meal.

In each delivery, you will get five meals. Each of these meals will be different.

You will have unique and different meals for two complete weeks (4 delivery cycles). Then the meals will repeat for the remainder of the month.

So, each month, we will have two weeks of different meals that will repeat. If you have a favorite, you will be able to experience it again in two weeks.

I just signed up, what are my next steps?

1. Once you sign up for your subscription, you’ll get a weekly or twice a week delivery of our chef-inspired meals unless you choose to skip a week or cancel your subscription.

2. You’re in control of your subscription. You can make decisions about your deliveries up to 4 weeks in advance.

3. It’s easy to skip a week at any time. Going out of town? No problem. It just takes the click of a button to skip a week or more.

4. We will always send you a weekly email reminder with the deadline to make any changes to your next order. If there are changes to your normal schedule, we need to hear from you 3 days before your scheduled delivery date.

What am I committing to with a subscription?

You can cancel or switch your Savory Moment subscription at any time—you’re in control of your subscription and your account.

Once you sign up for your subscription, you’ll receive a meal delivery on either Sunday or Wednesday or both delivery days.

Your credit card will be charged weekly.

Do I have to order every week?

No. Your meals will arrive on the scheduled delivery day(s) you selected.

You will receive meals as you scheduled until we hear from you.

You are in control of your subscription. Any time you don’t want to receive

meals, you can skip a week.

Can I make changes after the deadline?

Just like you, we have a business to run and deadlines to meet. But if you have something unexpected come up, just give us a call. This is the benefit of a smaller, local business and we are here to make life easier for you, not harder.

What if I’m not happy with my meal?

It’s important to us that you have an amazing Savory Moment experience! If you’re not happy or have an issue, please call us. We want to hear. You can contact us at 619-633-8863. We’ll make it right. We guarantee it.

How does the Savory Moment guarantee work?

We know everyone’s tastes are different. We strive to get it perfect, every single time, every single meal. If there is a meal that simply does not work for you or does not meet your standards. We refund that meal. It is that simple.

Just send us an email or call us and we will refund the cost of that meal.

However, please be aware that Savory Moment is not responsible for food that is not refrigerated upon delivery. We will delivery the food on ice and cold. It is your responsibility to refrigerate the food as soon as possible. We will not be responsible for food spoilage due to you not refrigerating the food in a timely manner.

Can I add a few more meals to my weekly delivery plan?

Yes! If you would like to add more meals to a delivery, please use the “add a meal” to the cart.

Guests in town? No problem. Order more meals for them. Please use the “add a meal” to your cart.

There are two of us that want to order meals, do we get a discount?

You get a delivery discount as there is only one delivery charge per address but sorry no discounts on the meals.

What comes in each delivery?

Of course, you will get your meals. Additionally, you will get a menu that will provide information about the delivered meals, a meal rating card (we would love your feedback) and a receipt.

What should I do with the delivery bag and ice?

We will reuse the bag and ice. So, please leave them in the same location as the meal drop off and we will exchange them.

What happens if I forget to leave my delivery bag out and ice?

No problem. Just leave it out for the next delivery. We may call you if you continually forget to leave the bags out.

Do you provide nutritional and calorie information?

We can provide this information to you at your request. Just email us and we will send to you.

How do I rate a meal?

Each delivery will include a meal feedback card. We ask that you fill this out and let us know how you enjoyed the meal or did not enjoy the meal. We work for you and want to know how you like our service and meals. So, please fill out meal rating cards often! Return the completed cards in the meal delivery bag.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes! Just contact us and we will arrange a gift certificate to be sent in your name.

How will I be billed?

Your credit card will be charge each Thursday for the upcoming week’s meals. So, if you have a Sunday delivery, your card will be charge on Thursday for that upcoming Sunday’s delivery.

If you get delivery on Wednesday too, you will be charged on Thursday for both the upcoming Sunday and upcoming Wednesday’s delivery.

If you are a Wednesday only delivery, you will still be charge on Thursday for the upcoming Wednesday’s delivery. So, you are charge prior to receiving your meals.

My friend is sick / just had a baby / caring for a family member and I would like to gift a week of meals? Can I do this one-time gift?

Yes! Just contact us by phone and we will make the arrangements for the one-time delivery. We will include a gift card from you.